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PART TIME The part-time work has less working hours than the full-time work. The part time relation can be :
-  horizontal : if the time reduction is referred to the daily schedule ;
-  vertical : if the performance is full-time but only in certain period of the week(or month, year) ;
-  mixed : when the part-time relation mixes the horizontal and vertical modes. The part-time relation has proved to be a valid instrument to increase employment of workers such as young, women, elderly people and workers who left the labour market. It’s a regular job, not a precarious one, which satisfies the flexibility needs of companies and suits the needs of workers, as for example conciliation between work and family.

APPLICATION The part time contract can be agreed by all the workers and the employers, in every sector. In the public sector people can work part-time but the conditions introduced by the reform aren’t applied.

CARACTERISTICS The part-time contract is a fixed-term permanent or long-term subordinated job. It must be written and contain the lengh of the performance, the working hours showing clearly the day, week, month and year.

SALARY AND REGULATIONS The part-time worker
-  has the right to the same time pay as the full-time worker even though the amount due , the contributions for illness, accident and maternity leave, are calculated in proportion to the working hours, unless otherwise stated by the collective agreement ;
-  has the same right as to the full-time workers for aspects such as holidays, length of maternity leave, parental leave, sick-leave,...

FLEXIBILITY The law 276/2003 provides more flexibility in the working hours and fewer obligations in the applications for overtime, additional work, for flexitime and elasticity. The collective agreement must define the limits, the reasons(for overtime), the conditions and applications (for flexitime) and the sanctions connected to these jobs.

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS The part-time worker has the same rights and obligations as all the employees. In addition he has the right (if it is provided for in the collective agreement) of precedence in the change from part-time to full-time, as regards the new recruitements of full-time workers, if these recruitements take place in the same district and for the same duties.

APPLICATIONS The rules of part-time work are immediatly put into effect neither a transitional phase nor a delay in the verification of the rules are considered. A transitional regime and the delays contained in the collective agreement could be given to an interconfederation agreement called by the Minestry of Labour and social politics.

Publié le samedi 29 septembre 2007

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Publié le samedi 29 septembre 2007 par Matteo Bellettini
Publié le samedi 29 septembre 2007 par Matteo Bellettini
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