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the department of Maine-et-Loire

coat of arms of Maine et Loire


The department was created during the French Revolution, on March 4th, 1790. It is a little smaller than the province “Anjou” (whence the name Angevin given to the inhabitants). Its surface is about 7 166 km². It was initially called “Mayenne et Loire”, and became “Maine-et-Loire” on December 12th, 1791.

1° the country

The Maine-et-Loire has a temperate climate of oceanic type. It is characterized by plains


2° inhabitants

In 2006, Maine-et-Loire counted 733 213 inhabitants i.e. 176 144 inhabitants more since 1962, i.e. 44 years.


The different towns of Maine-et-Loire : Angers, the administrative center of the department has, in 2006, 162 304 inhabitants, Cholet 82 993 inhabitants and Saumur 29 916 inhabitants.

3° activities


In the department of Maine-et-Loire, in primary sector, we ...... find Market gardening, fruit and Horticultural productions, vinegards, various cultures and also much farming (cattle, poultry ...). It develop a pole vegetable of level national.

In the secondary sector, companies manufacture food products (Cointreau, mushrooms, Pasquier pastry, sparkling wine), fashion items (Newman, catimini, Eram shoes), car equipments and mechanical engineering (Bodet)... In that concern the building sector, we exploit slate in Trélazé.

As everywhere else in France, the tertiary sector is predominantly present in the Maine et Loire and distinguishes itself in agronomic research. Tourism which is present mostly in the cities full of history and art on the banks of the Loire river (Saumur) and the Maine river (Angers). Cooking in this department is present thanks to many restaurants, without forgetting the angevine gastronomy : fouées, pommes tapées, Anjou win (white, rosé and red).

4° different sites to visit for more information

http://www.cg49.fr/ : site of the Conseil General of Maine et Loire (site in French) http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maine-et-Loire : information on the department and its history ( this site ........ be translated in several languages)

5° to see

In this department, there are a lot of “must-see” things : The tapestry of the Apocalypse in the castle of Angers “le chant du monde” (the song of the world), tapestry by Jean Lurçat of Angers The biggest concentration of cave-dwellings in Europe. The horse-riding school national or Cadre Noir in Saumur, Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent ... The highest castle in France (castle of Brissac) The largest vineyard of the Val de Loire (coteau du Layon, Saumur, Saumur-Champigny ...) The red hand Kerchives of Cholet created in memory of the tragic episodes of the war of Vendée, in 1793 (museum of Cholet)


You can also find different fairs and festivals : “premier plan” festival : young European cinema festival (in January) “Anjou” festival : the extraordinary castle of the Plessis-Macé (and some other historical monuments) welcome every year o dozen of theatrical representation which take place in the evening and in the a pen air, for an unforgettable atmosphere (in June and July) “le carrousel de Saumur” : two shows by the horse-riding school of the Cadre Noir and the armoured cavalry school (in July) “Journée de la Rose” (the rose day) : this is flower exhibit of big reknown in Doué la Fontaine (in July) “Carnaval de Cholet” : during 3 days, Cholet offers its carnivalfor the pleasur of everybody.

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