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Partner Anjou Italy and Poland



1°) an Angevine queen of Poland the XIV century

- Hedwige Ière of Anjou, born in 1372 is the daughter of Louis I king of hungary and Poland and opf Elisabeth of Bosnia.

She succeeded to her father in 1382 in Poland at the age’s 10 while her sister Marie in herited the throne of Hungary.

Although she is today called by the title of queen, Hedwige was in fact crowned king of Poland. The male title form emphasize her status of right full monarch whereas the title of queen would have made her only queen consort.

She then married 1386 in Cracovie with Ladislas II Jagellon Great duke of Lituanie after her death in 1399 the diet of Poland elected her husband king of Poland.

She was cononized by Jean-Paul II on June 8th,1997.

2°) Angers the capital city of Poland

- After the invasion of Poland by the Germans, and the dividing of the country between Germany and the USSR, the polish government fled to France.

The polish President settled in the Château de Pignerolles, near Angers to the south east.

Hence Angers became the temporary political capital of Poland.

The school la Baronnerie hosted the Polish foreign affairs ministry.

3°) Kopa great grand son emigrant

-Raymond Kopa of his true name Raymond Kopaszewski is a French football player born in Noeux-les-Mines (Pas-de-Calais) in 1931.

Son of a Polish miner, he works at the bottom mine during this teenage years,his future is all mapped out.

But football enters the party, gifted Raymond makes second in the young football player contest 1949.

He is spotted by the SCO d'Angers, he begins a professional career in the club from 1949 to 1954 and plays in Reims ( 4 times French champion ) and the Real Madrid.

Where he is 3 times champion of Europe cup.

Kopa was selected 45 times for the French team.

Married with an angevine and he still have a house in Angers and his daughter teaches sports in one of Angers high schools.


1°) The Angevins in Italy

- In the mid XIII century. Charles of Anjou brother of the Louis IX french king, dreams of submitting Italy.

Taking advantage oh the fights between the italians, of the double vacancy oh the papal throne and the German empire throne.

He takes ocer toscana and the Pô valley ( in 1263 the roman people names him life senator)

The kingdom of Sicily is administrated with severity by the French.

The italians revolt about everywhere March 30th 1282 in palermebecomes known as the Sicilian vespers for the 8 000 French who where staughted inspite og the help of the papacy the house of Anjou will not be able to reconquer Sicily.

The Angevine episode ushered in the French interventions in Italy and prepared for the spanish intervention in the XVI century.

2°) Angevin sculptor in Italy

Pierrre Jean DAVID alias « David d'Angers », is a sculptor and statue maker born in Angers in March 1788 who died in Paris in January 1856.

He won the prize of Roma in 1811 with low relief « The death of Epaminondas » them he went to the xilla Médicis in Roma.

Once back, he realized the statue of Grand Condé in the courtyard of Versaille.

He was elected in 1826 menber of the French institut and appointed, the same year, teacher to the painting and sculpturing school.

He realized many works, mouments, tombs, statues, busts, medallions.

A gallery installed in XI century an old abbay in Angers near the castle.

Shows samples of his works

Italian Busts Polish Medallion

- Paganni, violonist and composer - Czartorisky, prince

- Rossini, composer - Dwarnicki, general

Italian Medallion - Koscurzto, general

- Cherubini, composer - Nickcewics, poet

- Spontini, composer

- Volta, physicist

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