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Seasonal work contract, legal aspects


Right of residence.

All European Union citizens can reside temporarily in France for a reasonable period of time to look for a job and to profit from the help of a job centre (ANPE).

There is no condition of residence and the job centers will give similar services to foreigners and to French people.

Some arrangements have been made for Polish wage earners to make it easier to work in France. Since the 1st of May 2006 they have been able to have access to 61 professions divided up into 7 fields.

• The building industry and civil engineering.

• The hotel trade and catering business.

• Agriculture.

• Mechanics and work in the metal industry.

• Processing industry.

• Sales and Trade activities

• The cleaning business.


The administration sees to it that the working conditions and salaries are the same for the French citizens and citizens from the European Union.

The foreigner’s wages must comply with the minimum wage as agreed upon by collective agreements or for lack thereof, with the guaranteed minimum wage of 8.27 € / hour without national insurance contributions.

Duration of seasonal contracts.

The total duration of a seasonal contract for a foreign worker can not exceed 6 months out of 12 consecutive months. Just as the same employer may not hire somebody for a period lasting over 6 months out of 12 consecutive months.

Necessary documents and steps.

After receiving the job contract approved by the DDTEFP , the consulate notifies the applicant in order to fill in an application form for a visa (a long stay visa if it’s for a more than 3 month contract).

In France the wage earner will have to have a medical examination (date set by the employer) and then go to the prefecture of his / her place of residence to get his / her residence permit.

This residence permit depends on the nature and on the duration of the job contract.

Seasonal jobs.

For foreign students : the job permit equals a temporary job permit for the same duration as a seasonal work contract.

For other seasonal workers, the job permit is very much like the introductory contract for seasonal workers whether in agriculture or not and again approved by the DDTEFP.

Special measures for Poland.

The seasonal worker is given a job by the concerned authorities : The department of employment of Vaïvodia in Warsaw, Poland and the ANAEM agency’s branch in Poland on the French side.

Approved contracts are to be sent to :

ANAEM 44, rue Bargue 75732 PARIS Cedex 15 Tél. : Fax : Or : 17 ulica Pulawska 02515 Varsovie Tél : Fax :

Current rules concerning the recruitment of foreign agricultural seasonal workers are detailed on the 24th of March 2006 circular.

Fixed term contract.

The residence permit will bear the mention ‘temporary worker’ with a ‘temporary job permit’ the duration of which depending on the contract. (for a period of 9 months at the most and renewable)

There is no financial help in case of unemployment, nor are there subsidized contracts or any training whatsoever funded by the state.

ANAEM : National agency for the reception of foreigners and migrants

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