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(Group 7) The work contract for a seasonal worker ( in Poland)/umowa o pracę dla pracownika sezonowego


The work contract for a sesonal worker


Temporary work is becoming more and more popular. It has its followers both among employers who can this way find a replacement for their regular staff taking time off work and among workers, especially students, willing to work during holidays to earn extra money.

Seasonal workers are most often employed in a tourist, gastronomy and hotel industry in summer, with fruit and vegetable harvest in autumn, as well as to assist with annual income-tax reports. A company that needs extra workers in a certain season, can employ them on the ground of civil - law contracts, definite time contracts or through temporary work agencies. The latter option makes looking for needed workers a lot quicker and more effective.


Employing a temporary worker, an employer is obliged to sign a contract defining their working conditions. A seasonal worker can be employed under several types of contracts : • definite time work contract • contract for a work (of art) • freelance contract Issues concerning employment of seasonal workers are regulated by the Code of Work, art. 251 §3 and the Employment of Temporary Workers Act of 9 July,2003 (the Journal of Acts 2003, no 166, pos. ...).

The code of work does not define a notion of seasonal work, so an employer signing a work contract with temporary employees cannot treat them worse than other workers employed under a definite time work contract. An employer also has to register a temp for health and social insurance within 7 days. Additionally, if a seasonal labourer informs their employer about their being registered as an unemployed person, the employer is supposed to notify the proper local employment office about the employment within 5 days from signing the work contract. An employer can employ a seasonal worker on the ground of a civil - law contract, e.g. as a freelance. This will reduce their responsibilities as an employer coming from the code of work. They cannot however interfere with the way the worker has done the tasks consigned to them. A freelance does not have certain rights which regular work contract employees are entitled to. First of all, they do not have a right to rest leave. Moreover, in this case, an employer is not obliged by a temporary / freelance worker’s coming of age. However, employers have to assure safe and hygienic working conditions. Their responsibilities in this area are the same towards freelances as other workers being under a work contract to them.


An employer is obliged to pay insurance premiums for their seasonal workers. The payable sums depend on the kind of a contract signed. You can find more details about seasonal work on the web site of the Temporary Work Agency • in Polish ... http://www.workservice.pl/ • in English.. http://www.workservice.co.uk/ Work Service company is a leader on the Polish market as far as temporary work ; it serves over 500 companies. It has 21 regional offices and over 100 representatives all over Poland.

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