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RAILROADS The Region, moreover, pursues the improvement of the rail shipment and integration with the national transport. Beyond to the railway lines, they make integrating part of the railway net also the stations, the stopped ones and the fleeting goods and centers interscambio that are place to you on the net. The Region entrusts the management of the services to the managers of the railway services, stipulating with the societies shopkeepers of the railway public transit the Contracts of Service.

PORTS The regional harbour system has assumed remarkable relief, above all as a result of the increase of the tourist field of the nautical one from diporto and the economic activity of the peach. Of this the Emilia-Romagna Region has inserted in the within of the Regional Plan Integrated of the Transports the regional ports of Catholic, Cesenatico, Goro, Porto Garibaldi and Rimini, the communal ports of Bellaria, Cervia, Gorino and Riccione, tourist landings place marine and the landings place of the inland navigation. In order to assure the good functionality and emergency of the own ports, the Region, it has destined in just the budget I affixed to you distinguished financings. The deep ones, which they can approach the Common ones, are assign you for the construction of new harbour works, for the extraordinary maintenance of the existing structures, for the activity of dredging of found them. They can moreover be finances studies, searches and relative plannings to works, systems and equipments to you of the ports.

CITY TRANSPORTS The Emilia-Romagna Region exercises the financing and coordination, address, programming functions on the public transit. Its function is to promote the realization of participations in order to reorganize mobility and l ? access to the services of public interest. The Region with this end in view establishes a constant relationship with the Local Agencies and the Local Agencies of Mobility by means of the triennial Agreements of Program. The Agreements are instruments of regulation of the relationships in a provincial river basin, between the Region, Province, Common and local Agency in order to realize the investments for mobility and the public transit and to define amount and quality of the services of local public transit for every provincial river basin.

FREEWAYS The regional territory at the moment is crossed solo from freeways be them. In the 2004 Region but it has been equipped of a norm that concurs the realization of regional freeways. To protection of just the territory, the Region carries out a role of coordination between the local Agencies and l’ANAS it is in the phase of planning, approval and financing that in the realizzativa phase of the works. The Region just expresses to seem to the dell’Ambiente Ministry for the Appraisal of Impact Acclimatizes them (VIA) of the freeways be them.

AIRPORTS The airport of Bologna is the prinicipale port of call of the Emilia-Romagna, third intercontinental airport in Italy. The last record of passengers was attested to 3.700.000 persons, data of 2005. The airport of Forli is the alternated one of that one of Bologna. Its only track is long 2,410 meters and wide 45mt. It is oriented 116°-296°. It has been used to substitutive airport at the close of that one of Bologna (May-june 2004). The airport of Rimini-Miramare, known also like international airport Federico Fellini, is a situated Italian airport to 8 km from the center of the city of Rimini, more just in Miramare fraction. Here they call is the line carriers, than the more important intercontinental companies charter. The airport, according to to agreements with the Aeradria, serves also the near Marino Republic Saint and is situated situated to little kilometri from the sammarinese border. The Marino Republic Saint stops 3% of the social quota.

WAY OF RIVER AND SEA The programming of the participations that regard the idrovie is of competence of the State. The Region has propositive functions, of coordination and management in the realization of the participations. For all the operating activities the Region are taken advantage dell’Azienda Regional for the Inland navigation.

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