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Short Generic description of the Region of Emilia Romagna


SHORT GENERIC DESCRIPTION The Emilia-Romagna is one region of northern Italy of 4 million inhabitants, with capoluogo Bologna. It confines to east with the Adriatic Mar, north with the Veneto and the Lombardy, to the west with the Piemonte and the Liguria, to south with the Tuscany, the Marches let alone the republic of Saint Marino. It is composed from the union of two historical regions, the Emilia, that it comprises the provinces of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio, Modena, Ferrara and part of the province of Bologna with the capoluogo, and the Romagna with the remaining provinces of Ravenna, Rimini, Forli - Cesena and the part orients them of the province of Bologna. The historical Romagna moreover comprises territories in the Marches and Tuscany. The Emilia-Romagna is a mostly pianeggiante region, in fact the plains occupy 47.8% of its territory. Hills, 27.1% of the territory, and mountains, 25.1% of the terriorio, are found in the meridione of the region. The Emilia Romagna extends for 22,125 km ² and counts one population of 3.909.512 inhabitants.

HISTORY Earth of encounter of various civilizations for all the course of its history, from the etruschi to the Roman, galliums to the franchi, long governed from the papal state in fight with the lordships, its culture is born just from these characteristics. Napoleone came in Italy in 1796 and was received with enthusiasm from the patriots, that they saw in he the exponent of the new ideas of freedom and progress. This period was short : to the dead women of Napoleone the Emilia newly smembrata. But here the period of the Renaissance. In the 1848 Emilia it rebelled against the Austrians ; in 1859 it was free and in 1860 with a plebiscite it was annexed to the Piemonte in order to form then, with the other regions freed, the Reign of Italy.

ADMINISTRATION The Region supplies to the necessary information of quantitative character all’ activity of government of the territory : it gains l’informazione statistics from its administrative sources, elaborates the official data second the cognitive necessities, executes the surveys that become necessary in order to focus problematic detailed lists, agreeing again if necessary with the Local Agencies. It diffuses l’informazione statistics, also nell’ottica to support the territorial Agencies in their programmatica and administrative activity : it predisposes the spread via Internet of the data banks, publishes thematic analyses and studies on crucial for the public decisions. L’ufficio of statistics of the Region predisposes the regional program of statistics (PSR), that it characterizes the priorities and the requirementses informed you of the regional organizational structures. In how much organism of national the statistical system, moreover, it is held to supply to its operation rapportandosi with the other organisms that of it make part and putting into effect how much it previews the programmma statistical national.

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